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Happy Customers

Happy Customers

We had a fantastic experience purchasing our ebike from Electric Wheelz. Shipping was fast and best of all FREE.
Their customer support is top notch and helped us select the ebike to best suit our needs.  Highly recommend!

- Thomas Patrick, Chicago, IL

5 stars
I purchased an Electric Bicycle from Chicago A while ago. I only have to charge it about once every few weeks and it just runs GREAT!.. Everyone at the airports I visit asks me how to get one. I also take it with me in my motor home on vacation for those quick runs to the store. 

- Kerry Martin, Vallejo, CA, USA   
5 stars
Electric Bicycle I purchased from you guys has been outstanding. I have had it now for almost 1 year and I use it everyday to commute to work 2 miles from my home. Everyone at the office always comments on how great of a idea I had. I also bought one for my 2 son's and one for my wife. Electric Bicycle folds up easily for transportation in my car so I can take it with me everywhere I go.

- Joseph Downs, Ft.Lauderdale, FL USA

5 stars